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How to Get around Hyderabad

Learn the best ways to get around Hyderabad in this Howcast travel video.


As long as you have a map and are careful about the traffic on unpaved roads, Hyderabad’s most interesting neighborhoods are best explored on foot. But they’re kind of spread out, so you’ll need some help getting around between them. Buses are one good option–the routes cover pretty much anywhere you’ll want to go, and there are usually English maps available. Taxis are your best bet for long trips, as long as you book them ahead of time–demand is so high, it’s nearly impossible to hail one on the street. There are a number of services with centralized call centers you can use to book a cab; however, some services won’t let you reserve a taxi for a short trip, so it’s best to plan which parts of the city you want to explore ahead of time and book your cabs accordingly. Autorickshaws are good for shorter trips, but pricing isn’t always consistent, so bring more cash than you expect to need. Whatever you do, plan ahead, and bring a map and a sense of adventure with you when travelling in Hyderabad.

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