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Visiting Golconda Fort in Hyderabad

Find out what you'll see on a trip to Golconda Fort, 800-year-old ruins just outside Hyderabad, in this Howcast travel video.


Just a few miles outside Hyderabad is the ruined city of Golconda Fort, with its beautiful ancient architecture. This was once the capital of the ancient Golconda Sultanate, and it was built by three dynasties before the Qutub Shahi dynasty moved to construct Hyderabad itself. The ruins that have endured for 800 years are a testament to the great culture Hyderabad was founded upon, and they’re interesting to explore in their own right. It’s said that Golconda was once known for its diamonds and that Golconda Fort was an important part of the diamond trade, making it a wealthy city and an impressive fortress. That legacy is apparent even in the ruins. The architecture of the whole Fort was constructed masterfully, right down to the acoustics: due to the unique architectural structure, if you clap your hands at the entry gate, the sound can be heard at the top of the hill Golconda Fort is situated upon. The fort may be surrounded by high, imposing walls for defense, but inside you’ll find the remains of an ancient community–homes, temples, mosques, and everything needed for everyday life hundreds of years ago. Golconda Fort is a step into Hyderabad’s past life, and exploring it is a great way to experience the history of Hyderabad’s culture.

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