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How to Get around Yangon

Learn the best ways to get around Yangon in this Howcast travel video.


When you’re in Yangon, try to get around on foot as much as you can. As long as you don’t need to go far, walking is the best way to enjoy the city and its friendly people. The streets are safe for pedestrians, and you’ll have lots of locals walking with you. But for longer trips, you’ll want to avoid the heat and save your feet. Visitors are not allowed to drive in Yangon, so renting a car isn’t an option, but don’t let that discourage you–there are still tourist-friendly ways to get around. Taxis are your best bet; price is mostly negotiable, but standing taxis are always more expensive, so hail them on the street if you can. You can tell taxis from the other cars by their red license plates. Buses are another option; they’re usually crowded and you’ll have trouble if there’s a language barrier, but they’re safe, reliable, and cheap. The circular train is inexpensive as well, but it doesn’t stop near many tourist destinations, so it may not be your first choice. However you get around Yangon, be sure to wear light clothing and keep a leisurely pace so the heat won’t get the better of you while you’re out and about.

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