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How to Make a Chocolate Cake Shot

Learn how to make a chocolate cake shot from the from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


All right, guys. Our next shot up on the board, we're going to make a chocolate cake, sometimes known as a birthday cake. So you can use this for all occasions, for one occasion, for multiple occasions.

Once again, we're going to use our standard shaker. This one is a chilled shot. We're going to put a little ice into our shaker. We're going to use three ingredients in this one. This is one of those shots where there are people that make it different ways, but here is how you get it. So I'm the expert, and I get to tell you what to do. We're going to use vanilla vodka. It's our first ingredient. We're going to start with about an ounce of that. So probably about a second to pour, if you happen to have a pour spout. If not, you can measure it out in a jigger or something like that.

We're going to use a little bit of Frangelico, so easy on the flavor. Just about a half a measure of that one. So a little less than your vanilla vodka.

And then we're going to reach over, and we're going to get some coffee liqueur. Again, just about the same as your Frangelico, about a half a measure. So mostly vanilla vodka. Then we're going to shake it altogether. Chill it down. For all you experts, try not to spill it on yourself. It's supposed to go in the glass, not on your shirt.

And there you pour out your birthday cake, chocolate cake, and you can light a candle, if you want to. Wish somebody Happy Birthday and enjoy.

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