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How to Make an Orgasm

Learn how to make an orgasm from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


All right, my little shot drinkers. We have escalated up to what we're going to call the Orgasm Shots. This is not for all you kiddies out there, this is just for the over 21 crowd. Once again we are going to start with our standard shaker. Take a little ice, toss it into your shaking glass.

We got three ingredients for you this time. We're going to have Amaretto, we're going to have a little bit of coffee liquor, and we're going to use our favorite Irish Cream. So we're going to start with equal measures of each. So about one count or so of Amaretto there, same deal with our coffee liquor, and then a little bit of Irish Cream.

We're going to shake it all together, use a standard mixing glass, top it on top. And then we're going to pour it out. Make sure you do that just like an expert would. Fill your glass almost all the way fully, just a little room on the top, because our very last ingredient is a little whipped cream on there.

You're going to roll back, you're going to enjoy yourself. You're going to put a little cream into your Orgasm Shot, and then you're going to enjoy it. We hope you have multiples, enjoy the Orgasm.

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