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How to Make a Nuts 'n Berries Shot

Learn how to make a nuts 'n berries from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Okay, shot drinkers, next up on our list we're going to a trip to the forest. We're going to forge around and we're going to make some Nuts and Berries.

This is kind of a sweeter shot it's a nice one to start off the evening and have a desert, whatever you want to do with it. We're going to start with our shaker, throw a little ice on it. We're going to go with three ingredients today.

We're going to have our berries which is going to be a little Chambord. That's going to start with a little raspberry. We are going to go with about a full count of that, that's going to give you a nice sweet flavor to it.

Then we're going to use a little Frangelico, it's going to put a little nuttiness to it. Kind of about the same amount you just threw in for your Chambord. That's going to give you your two competing flavors. Then we're going to go with a little bit of Irish Cream to kind of keep the silky smoothness.

Now you're going to mix those altogether. We're going to use our mixing glass here just knock it on the top, shake it down, and then pour out our lovely pink colored glass of fruity nuttiness. Enjoy yourself a glass of Fruits and Berries.

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