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How to Make a Four Horsemen

Learn how to make a four horsemen from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Alright, my over-21 meatheads and meathead-ettes. It's time to step this night up a notch. This next one is called The Four Horsemen.

You'll notice a slightly larger shot glass. The first ingredient you're going to want is Johnny Walker Red Label scotch. Put about a half-count in there. Next up is my good friend Jim Beam, another half-count. Next up, we've got Mr. Jack Daniels making a guest appearance, another half-count.

And last but not least, Señor Jose Cuervo. We'll put a little half-count in there. Okay guys, this shot's ready. Get out your favorite Metallica CD, put on your favorite Metallica song, and get ready to ride The Four Horsemen.

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