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How to Make a Surfer on Acid

Learn how to make a surfer on acid from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Okay shot-drinkers. We are coming up with a Surfer on Acid. This is not for the weak at heart, and yet somehow it tastes delicious.

What we're going to do is we're going to use three ingredients for today's shot. Jagermeister, your old friend, a little bit of Malibu, and a splash of pineapple juice. So, what we're going to do is, we're going to start off with our mixing glass. We're going to throw a little ice on top of there.

Jager is our big friend of the moment so he's going to get a full one and a half second pour there. That's kind of the predominate ingredient in a Surfer on Acid, no doubt because you know, when you drink it, you feel like you’re on acid. A little bit of Malibu just to kind of take the edge off. It's going to give it a little coconut flavor. Thin it out a little bit. And then just a teeny splash of pineapple juice.

The acids make it exactly what we're talking about. Acid, pineapple juice, acid, get it, no? We're going to shake it all up and throw it into our trusty dusty shot glass here. You can use a strainer, you can pour out of free hand. However you feel like you’re comfortable and what you have yourself is the start of a fun night because you have a Surfer on Acid.

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