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How to Make an Oatmeal Cookie Shot

Learn how to make an oatmeal cookie from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Alright, my shot taking friends, moving right along to the delicious oatmeal cookie. You want to grab yourself your trusty, dusty shaker. Throw a scoop of ice in there, nice and hearty, doesn't matter.

First and most important ingredient ingredient in this, Goldschlager, give it a nice little shake. And you want to do about a half count of that. Pour it right in there. Next up, you want to grab yourself a little Frangelico, give yourself a half count of that, just like that. Then next up on the board is some Irish cream.

Irish cream is delicious and it goes in a lot of shots, very handy mixer to have in your bar, by the way. And last, but not least, you want to do a dash of the butterscotch schnapps. Put that in there, just like that. Grab your mixing glass, put it on top. Give it a good shake.

There we go. Go ahead and pour it up right out in the shot glass there. And then you're ready to transform yourself into the cookie monster with your own personal oatmeal cookie. Enjoy.

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