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How to Make a Jolly Rancher Shot

Learn how to make a Jolly Rancher from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Alright, my responsible shot-drinking friends that are over 21. We've had some tough ones so far. It's time to sweeten things up a bit.

We're going to do the jolly rancher. So you want to grab a shaker, scoop of ice, throw it in there. First ingredient that goes in is a little bit of watermelon.

Take our bottle of watermelon, give a half count of that. We want to do equal parts for this one cause we want it to be equally as sweet. So we'll do the next ingredient, sour apple. Do a half count of that. And last but certainly not least, we want a little bit of peach Schnapps.

Do some peach Schnapps, a little half-count of that. Grab your trusty mixing glass and give it a good shake. There we go and then we want to strain it out.

You can use a strainer, glass, however you feel comfortable, whatever your bar'ss got. Pour it up to the tippy top, give it to your lady or guy friend. Tell them to slurp that into euphoria. It's a jolly rancher.

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