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How to Make a Jagerbomb

Learn how to make a Jagerbomb from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Alright my imbibing friends, the night is winding down. You're slowing down yourselves. It's time to wake up with a Jager Bomb.

So with this one you're going to grab yourself any sort of energy drink. We like red bull. You can use anything, though, any sort of energy drink.

You're going to fill up your pint glass to about half way. Just let that energy drink flow right in there. Grab yourself a nice little one ounce shot glass. Get your trusty Jager bottle. Pour yourself a nice shot of Jager.

And this one you want to be careful with this one for sure. So you want to grab your half pint of red bull take your shot glass. Drop it in carefully. Chugalug, wake yourself up get ready for some more partying. And that's the Jager Bomb.

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