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How to Make a Kamikaze

Learn how to make a kamikaze from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Okay. Shot-drinkers, we have a fine way to end yourself, end your night, end your friend. Next shot we got here is the Kamikaze.

This is kind of a bar standard, I'm going to say. A little sweet, a little strong, gets the job done. We're going to have three ingredients.

We are going to start off with a little ice in our glass. That's not one of the ingredients, but it does count I guess. We are going to use vodka, we're going to use triple sec, and we're going to use lime juice. Pretty much equal parts of our vodka and our triple sec, and then you're going to dash it off.

So you're going to go with a full count of vodka on this one. Then you need to go with your triple sec. Sweeten it up, add a little bit more alcohol, and just a splash of lime juice to cut the flavor. Shake it on up. Pour into your shot glass.

You can strain it, you can pour it however you like. Make sure there's no ice, no choking. Then you're going to serve it, and away we go. That's how you finish yourself off. That's a Kamikaze.

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