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How to Make a Duck Fart

Learn how to make a duck fart from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Okay guys. Next up on our list we have the Duck Fart, also sometimes known as the Mad Cow.

So for all you mad shot drinkers out there, this is the shot for you. We've got a simple shot for you here, but don't let the name fool you. This is a strong shot.

So we're going to start off with a shaker and a little bit of ice, and we're going to use our old trusty dusty friend 151. Yes that's right sports fans this is not for the weak of heart. Full one and a half ounce pour of your trusty 151.

Run to your neighborhood park, grab a duck, and squeeze your duck into your glass. Don't worry. It doesn't smell as bad as it sounds, but you shake it all together. You throw it into your glass, you can insert your whoopee cushion noise here if you choose to, but let me tell you that usually works to pick up the ladies. That's okay, enjoy yourself a fine and wonderful Duck Fart.

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