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How to Make a Cement Mixer

Learn how to make a cement mixer from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Alright, my shot-taking friends. The night is winding down. You've had a great time. All your friends have been fantastic. They've enjoyed all the theatrics that you've done, the shots, everything like that, except for Susie. She spilled wine all over the carpet. And she needs to be punished. So we have this shot just for you. It's called the Cement Mixer, Susie. You're going to get it now.

You want to grab the most rot-gut vodka you can possibly find in your bar. You want to pour a little bit of that in there, maybe about half the shot glass right there. And then you want to take your standard Irish cream and a little lime juice, and you want to pour both of these in at the same time. A lot of lime juice and let that curdle in there. Get it nice and disgusting for your friend, Susie, who just spilled wine all over the carpet. And then you want to take this shot and pour it into a bigger glass, like this. Watch it all just clump up like that.

Hopefully she's not in the room watching you while you're doing this. Hopefully she's in the bathroom at this point. Then she's come back and I want you to say, "Susie, I want you to take one more. It's called the Cement Mixer. Enjoy."

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