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How to Make a Leggo My Eggo Shot

Learn how to make a leggo my eggo from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Okay shot-drinkers, for the next show we're going to do here it's called Leggo my Eggo. This is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts. Anytime time the day or night.

It's going to taste just like a set of Eggo waffles with some syrup on top, I guarantee you. We're going to start with, it's really just two ingredients. We're going to throw some ice into a shaker. We're going to start with some Espresso Vodka. This actually does have caffeine in it, which is delightful for those long nights. About a full count of espresso vodka and then one of the, perhaps more under utilized but delicious additions to your bar set up is Butterscotch Schnapps.

So you're going to put another half count or so of butter Schnapps into this. These two ingredients will mix together. That was flare. That was for all of you paying attention at home there. You're going to mix this up together, served delightfully chilled and we have our Leggo my Eggo. Don't let anybody take it.

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