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How to Make a Conan the Barbarian Shot

Learn how to make a Conan the Barbarian from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Alright responsible 21-year-old shot-drinkers. The next one we're going to do is called the Konan the Barbarian, A.K.A. the Konan, if you like. This one gets a little messy.

So we're going to set her up. That's napkins here we'll place down on the bar. That should be good, put the shot glasses on there, grab my trusty shaker here which is already filled with a little bit of ice, going to grab some Goldschlager.

About a one counts of that or two counts because we're making two. Two counts of Goldschlager, a little bit of Triple Sec, one count of that just like that.

Grab a mixing glass of some sort, give it a good shake. There we go, I'm going to pour them in if you got a strainer that great if not make it work with this. You should be an expert by now.

You have already made several of these shots, put that aside, and it is time do battle take your sword, take you're beating stick my lady and battle me to the death. Drink the blood of a warrior! And that's the Konan.

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