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How to Make a Full Metal Jacket Shot

Learn how to make a full metal jacket from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


Michael: Alright my beautiful shot taking friends, this next one, the toughest one out there. If you can handle this you can handle anything that this bar throws you or anybody else for that matter. This one's called the full metal jacket shot.

Shot-taker: Bring it at me, partner.

Michael: Alright, buddy. Stand at attention. Front and center right now young man. Put this helmet on your head. Oh you've already screwed it up. Pick that piece of helmet up. Put this back on. Stand at attention. Push that chair back. Put this helmet on. Hands at your side, son. This is your shot glass. There are many like it. Don't you touch it. Nobody gave you permission to touch this shot glass. This is your shot glass. There are many like it, but this one is yours. You will live by your shot glass. You will die by your shot glass. Do you understand me private?

Shot-taker: Yes sir. Yes sir.

Michael: Sir yes sir. That's all I want to hear out of your scumbag mouth for the next five minutes. Sir yes sir.

Shot-taker: Sir yes sir.

Michael: Sound off like you got a pair.

Shot-taker: Sir yes sir.

Michael: There you go, son. Drink a shot of my hard earned whiskey. Suck it back. Let's go. Let's go. You look like you're at an English tea party with that shot. Would you like some crumpets with your tea, little lady?

Shot-taker: Yes sir.

Michael: Sir yes sir.

Shot-taker: Sir yes sir.

Michael: You are the dumbest piece of shit maggot that's ever walked into this bar. I bet you couldn't spell cat if I spotted you the c and the t, could you.

Shot-taker: I could not, sir.

Michael: Sir yes sir.

Shot-taker: Sir yes sir.

Michael: That's all I want to hear out of your mouth. Jesus Christ. Did you ride a short bus to school?

Shot-taker: I did not.

Michael: Sir yes sir.

Shot-taker: Sir yes sir I did not.

Michael: That's a question again. Jesus Christ. I bet you powered that thing to school. Take another shot for being so insubordinate.

Shot-taker: Yes sir. Sir yes sir.

Michael: Suck it back. That's not a question that's a statement you jackass.

Shot-taker: It's a good statement sir.

Michael: Jesus Christ I'm talking. Nobody gave you permission. You're going to have to do another one, and this time everybody wants you to unzip your vagina and let your balls hang out. Let's go. Alright, for Christ's sakes. You've had breakfast, you've had lunch, you've had dinner, and now it's time for dessert. Get on the ground for some floor pie, and give everyone in here 20 pushups. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Shot-taker: Sir, I haven't eaten yet, sir.

Michael: I don't give a shit, get on the ground. Jesus Christ, private, it's like a circus down there. Let's go. Alright, private numbnuts, front and center. Remember, shot-takers die, but Barcelona lives forever and therefore you shall live forever. Give this guy a round of applause for a job well done.

Shot-taker: Sir, thank you, sir.

Michael: You got it buddy. That's the full metal jacket.

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