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How to Make a Monica Lewinsky Shot

Learn how to make a Monica Lewinsky from the bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC in this Howcast video.


All right, my shot-taking friends, this ones another very popular one at Barcelona bar. This one's called the Monica Lewinsky. So what you need to do, grab two shot glasses, put them in front of whoever's taking them. First ingredient is going to be a little bit of Amaretto. You want to go halfway up the shot glass. Like so. And then, we're going to grab some of our trusty Irish Cream. This is essential for any bartender at home. Please have a bottle of this ready. You won't disappoint your guests at all. So, we'll fill the rest of the shot glass up with a little bit of Irish Cream here. Going to make it taste delicious. One other thing, we're going to top this off with a little bit of whipped cream. There we go.

And now, I'm going to transform myself into a President. We're going to do a little role playing here, guys, so if you would, put these wigs on your head. Thank you very much. And I'm going to turn into William Jefferson Clinton, aka Slick Willie. I've had a long, hard week of work. I've been dealing with the UN and Kofi and all that other bullshit that comes along with being the President. It's now 5:30 pm. We're in the Oval Office on a Friday night, and shit's getting sensual. I mean, bodies are touching. And now, I've got an erect phallus. You know what Slick Willie likes when he's got an erect phallus. He likes a good, old fashioned blow job. You'll notice I did not say "handjob." I said, "blowjob." So, at your leisure, in unison, at the same time, I need you to wrap your pretty little lips around these glasses, and gets to sucking. Remember, I did not say "handjob," I said "blowjob."

So please, at the same time, go ahead and go down and give Slick Willie a blowjob. Come on, babies. Come on, honeys. Come on. At the same time. You've got to do it. At the same time. Come on. Let's go. Come on. Come on. Come on. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. No, none whatsoever. And that, is the Monica Lewinsky.

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