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How to Turn on & Shut Off a Motorcycle

Learn how to turn on and shut off a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, it's Joonil Park again, this video's to show you how to turn on and turn off your motorcycle. Now, depending on your bike, there are certain things you want to check for. One being a fuel supply valve. Newer fuel injected motorcycles, like this Triumph Street triple R, is fuel injected and does not have one. The computer will do it automatically.

You still want to check for certain things, like making sure the bike is in neutral. Pushing the bike, having the wheels turn freely, shows you mechanically the transmission is in neutral. You start by turning on your ignition, making sure the red engine cut off switch is down on the run position. If your bike is cabureted and has a choke, you will have to turn that on as well.

Pull in the clutch, as many motorcycles have safety fail safes, and then thumb the black starter button. Now when you are ready to shut it off, the red cut off switch, by definition, will get the job done. Remember to turn off your key, as batteries will drain if you leave on the electrics. And there you go.

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