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How to Start & Stop a Motorcycle

Learn how to start and stop a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, it's Joonil Park again. This Howcast video is to show you how to start and stop on a motorcycle.

Once you've learned how to start your engine, you want to squeeze in your clutch, put it in first gear. Make sure you keep your eyes up and on the horizon, looking where you want to go. Always helpful to give it a little bit of gas first. Start the release of your clutch nice and easy. As you release it further, give it more throttle, walking and picking up your feet as you go. And there you are.

As you approach either a stop sign or a red light, you want to make sure, again, keeping your eyes up, square everything, apply both brakes, squeeze your clutch in, stay on the brakes so your left foot comes down first, and then you're stopped. Easy!

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