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How to Walk a Motorcycle

Learn how to walk a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


My name is Juno Park and this video will help you learn to walk a motorcycle.

Walking a motorcycle is a great technique for a new rider to transition from, being at a standstill, to eventually riding your bike. Once you get your engine started, you're going to put the motorcycle into first gear, making sure that you keep your eyes up for balance, feeding it a little bit of throttle to keep your RPMs up, and slowly releasing the clutch. You will not release the clutch all the way, only into the sweet spot where the motorcycle will slowly start to roll forward.

As the bike powers forward, you want to take steps with the motorcycle to maintain balance, being careful not to drag your feet, as that can cause undue injury. As you get more comfortable with power walking, you can give it more throttle, releasing the clutch further as the motorcycle gains speed. You can transition into eventually picking up your feet, placing them on the foot pegs, and now you're riding the bike. As you come to a stop, as always, you want to keep your head and eyes up and square your bars for balance, applying both brakes smoothly, squeezing your clutch to come to a nice, smooth stop.

This technique, used properly, will help ease the transition from getting go and riding your motorcycle every time.

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