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How to Avoid Stalling on a Motorcycle

Learn how to avoid stalling on a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


I'm Joonil Park and this video will help to keep you from stalling your motorcycle. Stalling a motorcycle happens when the engine slows down because of insufficient throttle application. To remedy that you can give it more throttle. As a motorcycle instructor I advise my students to roll the throttle open and hold the RPMs steady so that there is ample engine speed to keep the engine from stalling as you smoothly release the clutch into its sweet spot. That friction zone will slowly get the bike to start rolling and as you release the clutch further into engagement, roll on the throttle more progressively in direct relationship to the release of the clutch.

Another point of anxiety for a new motorcyclist stalling out is ending up at a stop pointing uphill. To help alleviate stalling in this situation try to hold one of the brakes applied while feeding in throttle and releasing in clutch in the friction zone. Once you feel the motorcycle preload its power against the brakes you can release the brakes and the motorcycle will smoothly roll forward from there.

Practice this technique and after repeated attempts and muscle memory conditioning it will be second nature.

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