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How to Make a U-Turn on a Motorcycle

Learn how to make a u-turn on a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


This is Joonil Park for Howcast, and this video will show you how to properly do a U-turn on a motorcycle. U-turns are a necessary maneuver when riding a motorcycle in streets.

Couple pointers to look out for, make sure you pull over completely and safely, and before you attempt the maneuver, make sure you check the mirrors, and check over your left shoulder to make sure the path is clear to do your U-turn. It helps to slip your clutch within its sweet spot instead of letting the clutch all the way out and using only the throttle, as it gives you more slow speed control.

The most important technique to keep in mind is to try to turn your head as far as possible looking into the path of your direction. Not only will it make sure that the path is clear and safe for you to complete your U-turn, but your body will naturally follow where you focus your eyes. The further you turn your head, and the further you look into the turn, the more balance and sharper your U-turn will be. Keep the throttle steady, smooth application of the clutch, and turning your head will accomplish your U-turn safely, and in the smallest space allowable.

When you feel comfortable with this technique, add a counterweighting into your maneuver. This will help stabilize the motorcycle, and offset the motorcycle weight leaning into the turn, with your body weight offsetting and balancing it out to maintain stability. Practice this technique, and sooner or later it will become second nature to you. Thanks.

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