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How to Do a Figure 8 on a Motorcycle

Learn how to do a figure 8 on a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Joonil Park for Howcast, and this video will help you to do figure eight maneuvers on your motorcycle.

The figure eight move is utilized in many states' motorcycle licensing tests. However, after this test you'll probably never have to do a figure eight again. Still, an important technique to master.

You can use it for U-turns after you finish your test, you can use a lot of the same techniques. Remember, you want to turn your head as far into your path as possible. It will create balance. It will also sharpen your turn, because the further you rotate your head, and the farther you focus your eyes, the sharper your turn will be.

Begin your maneuver by turning your head to the left, starting your figure eight pattern. Use steady application of the throttle, you want to make sure you listen for it, keep your RPM steady, and use the middle part of your clutch, utilize the clutch levers travel, and keep that range in the sweet spot, slow speed, and fine control. Use the middle part of the figure eight to transition from left to right, making sure you turn your head ahead of your path, before your handlebars get rotated.

As you practice this maneuver, you can incorporate counterbalancing, using your body weight in the opposite direction of the turn to offset the motorcycle's weight, leaning into the turn. Practice this technique several times, and passing your motorcycle test will be a breeze.

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