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How to Avoid Hazards on a Motorcycle

Learn how to avoid hazards on a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


Hi guys, this is Joonil Park for Howcast, and this video is to help you avoid hazards while riding your motorcycle.

Hazards are something you will inevitably encounter while riding your bike. It is important to remember rule number one when riding a motorcycle, always look where you're headed, not where you're going. What that means is always sight through your state route, do not look at the hazard itself. Naturally and instinctively, your body will follow where you look, that includes the motorcycle that you're riding. So use your peripheral vision, or even better, sight your hazard as far down as your path as you can, and when you approach, keep it in mind with your peripherals, but always again focus where you want to look. A bright yellow taxi cab is a tempting target for your eyesight, but it's very important you look through your intended path, and not down at a pothole or a pedestrian crossing the street.

A handy technique to learn how to use is a swerve. It is two quick changes of directions, trying to keep your body straight, and moving the motorcycle underneath you, so that you can A, get out of the way of the hazard, and B, realign yourself in your intended path so you don't stray off the road.

Sight your hazard as early as possible, try to keep your throttle steady, look beyond the hazard, keeping your focus on your intended path, change directions by using a smooth press of your handlebars, while again keeping your body straight, changing directions to avoid a hazard, and realigning yourself with pressing the other direction, getting yourself back on your intended trajectory, and keeping your eyes sighted for . . .

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