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How to Lean a Motorcycle

Learn how to lean a motorcycle from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


This is Joonil Park, and here's some tips for leaning a motorcycle.

Motorcycles change directions with lean angles at speeds faster than nine or ten miles per hour. To properly do this, you want to use your posture or body English to help maintain the bike's stability and traction while cornering. When leaning a motorcycle, you want to keep your torso and body weight, at minimum, with the center line of the motorcycle. Do not fight the lean of the bike.

When leaning and changing directions at higher speeds, using your body weight and posturing into the turn will help keep the motorcycle as upright as possible, thereby maintaining as much traction as possible. In regards to motorcycle safety, traction is the name of the game. Everything you can do to maintain traction will keep you safer. Lean over the bike, further into the turn, like many competition-level road racers, will let you keep the motorcycle upright and stable while cornering through turns.

As always, remember to stay relaxed and smooth, turn your head and look as far into the turn as possible, and don't be afraid to lean into curves. Something that can produce as much anxiety for a new rider can someday become the most rewarding experience of riding a motorcycle, like banking an airplane into a curve like a fighter pilot. Eventually, it'll become second nature.

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