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How to Ride a Motorcycle with a Passenger

Learn how to ride a motorcycle with a passenger from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


This is Joonil Park with Howcast and this is video is how to ride a motorcycle with a passenger. There are certain considerations to make when taking a passenger on a motorcycle. Because of the added weight and momentum, you want to allow for added distances for breaking, as well as make considerations for loss of acceleration. You want to drive to be as smooth as possible when taking a passenger as to make sure they're comfortable. And if you want that passenger to come with you again, try to be as smooth as possible. Always make sure that the passenger is geared up appropriately.

God forbid you guys go down, your passenger is going to be in the same situation as you are. You want to make sure they're safe as well. Once the operator has started the motorcycle. Gesture to the passenger to properly mount the bike. Just like an operator, you always mount from the left side. The passenger should grab the operator's left should with their left hand. And then place their left foot on the left passenger foot peg. Standing up on the peg, swing your leg back and over placing your seat on the pillion accommodations and then placing the right foot on the right foot rest. Try to be as smooth as possible when starting.

When taking turns and negotiating curves, have the passenger follow the weight and momentum, trying not to resist the lean angle of the bike and looking through over the right shoulder. If the passenger needs to make any adjustments, let them know to try to save it for stops as it can imbalance the rider's operation of the bike if the passenger needs to move around and make adjustments. When coming to stops, again be extra careful and smooth with application of the breaks. Taking care to always look straight and straighten the bars so that you come to a stop smoothly and balanced. When dismounting, make sure the passenger is aware the rider needs to be ready. Signal to them and dismount in the reverse order that they mounted up.

Hopefully you will follow these directions properly and everyone will have a great time riding with a passenger.

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