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Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the City

Learn how to ride safely in city traffic from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


Joonil Park here for Howcast. This next video is to give you some points about how to ride in the city.

Now as overwhelming as that task may seem, as long as you stay focused and smooth as always on a motorcycle, riding in a city can be one of the most rewarding and most efficient experiences on your bike. There are certainly things you may want to look out for while riding in a city like New York. Pedestrians, people crossing the street, jaywalking, bicyclists, car doors opening up on you, lots of things you're going to have to look out for.

Other things like riding a bicycle in New York will help keep you on your toes and prepare you to look out for things. For example, a parked car with its wheels turned out into the street is a sure sign that it's going to pull out in front of you very soon. A car that just parked is a telltale sign that a car door may open up on you as well. Make sure, also, when approaching an intersection you stay extra wary and on your toes as those are big areas for conflict as many cars are approaching in opposing directions. Keep in mind that spaces may be tight but your motorcycle is small and nimble. Using these advantages to your favor can help keep you safe.

Making sure you stay relaxed and practicing maneuvers like a hazard avoidant swerve will help prepare you and give you let's say the arsenal that you can use every day to stay safe while riding in a city. Approaching intersections, you always want to make sure to never pass on the right. Keep in mind taxi cabs and other cars and motor vehicles will most likely, often than not, not signal and give you intention of their direction.

So it's always on the motorcyclist to be prepared for last minute hazards that might approach you. Making sure your bike is properly maintained will also keep you safe and prepared for anything you may encounter. If you can ride in a big city like New York, you can ride almost anywhere.

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