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Tips for Riding a Motorcycle on the Highway

Learn how to ride a motorcycle safely on the highway from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


This is Joonil Park with some finer tips for riding your motorcycle on the highway. Scary proposition for a lot of newbs on motorcycles.

When getting on the highway for the first time, try to stay focused and relaxed, make sure you're geared appropriately. A large, loose fitting jacket will flap in the wind and be uncomfortable and distracting.

When approaching an on-ramp, make sure you get off the pace smoothly, and check your shoulders and your mirrors, so that you can merge safely and smoothly into traffic. The farthest left lane is actually safest, even though the pace is supposed to be faster in the far left lane. There are less incidence for cars changing lanes into you. The furthest right lane, even though it is slowest, will have the highest chance of cars trying to change lanes and merge into your path. Try to say focused and stay calm. A motorcycle at a smooth higher rate of speed is much more stable than trying to maneuver a motorcycle at a low, walking pace.

Lane positioning is also a very important point. Try not to stay in the middle of a lane, as a lot of cars will drip oily fluids. Try to stay off-center, and make sure to protect your lane position. Giving a car a wide berth will encourage them, and will make it very tempting for them to try to occupy that space. Use the whole width of your lane to your advantage. Make sure to maintain your spacing amongst other cars and traffic. If you are too close to a car in front of you, you will not be able to notice debris or pothole on the highway in time to avoid it safely.

Make your lane changes smoothly and assertively. If you take too much time, it may give a car too much of an opportunity to try to occupy that space. Keep you wits about you, your head and eyes up, and try to position your lane also so that you can see beyond the immediate traffic in front of your.

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