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Hand Signals for Riding a Motorcycle in a Group

Learn how to use hand signals when riding a motorcycle in a group from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


Here are some hand signals when riding in groups that'll help communicate with your fellow riders. We have stop, and keep in mind that you always use your left hand for signals. Always throwing it to the left as your right hand will need to be used for the throttle hand to keep moving. We have speed up and slow down. Start your engines. Shut them down. We have a pull over or pull off exit signal, throwing your hand and finger over your head. Not to be confused with the single file single. When going from a staggered group riding formation to a single file.

Let's say on a narrower more twisted road. We have the refreshment or pull off for a drink signal. Your thumb down, tilting towards your helmet. Your gas pull over signal will be a finger pointing over to your gas tank. Over to the top of your gas cap. We have a pull forward or take the lead signal. Taking your left hand from the back and sweeping it over in front of you. We have a follow signal where you would reach behind and tap your passenger seat or the back of the seat section on your motorcycle.

Again, reaching over with your left hand and tapping the back of your bike will tell your rider behind you to follow closely or follow your line let's say around a race track or tight bend. There's a couple other signals pointing out a hazard in the ground. You would either take your left hand and point it to the ground or if it's on your right side or your hands are not available. we'll take your foot and point your foot towards the ground at the incoming hazard.

There is always the ubiquitous head top, which would signal to other riders either behind your or oncoming, to give them the heads up or warning as to a speed trap or a police officer/law enforcement officer in the area. So mind your speed and ride cautiously. Use these hands signals because obviously it can get tricky riding in groups. And riding in groups can be some of the most rewarding experiences you can have on a motorcycle. Use these signals effectively for a great group ride.

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