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How to Ride a Motorcycle Defensively

Learn how to ride defensively from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


My name is Joonil Park, and here are some tips on how to ride a motorcycle defensively.

When riding defensively, you want to make sure that you position yourself with enough space cushion to allow for variations in traffic and changes in road terrain. If you are too close to the car in front of you, you will not be able to see a pothole it passes over until it's too late and you're already on top of it.

Make sure you maintain a healthy following distance by counting off on a static point as the car ahead of you passes it. The minimum recommended two second following distance will usually suffice for most situations. Of course, if you're riding in the rain, riding at night, or in compromised conditions, allow for a little bit more of a space cushion in front of you, but also keep in mind space cushions next to you and behind you. So check your mirrors, check your blind spot and check your surroundings.

An important part of riding defensively is not only how you ride, but how you prepare for the ride. Make sure you wear high vis clothing. Stay conspicuous. Bright colors, reflective materials at night will help you get noticed, and position yourself where you will be visible to other cars and motorists around you.

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