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How to Get a Motorcycle License

Learn how to get a motorcycle license from professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park in this Howcast video.


Hey Howcasters, this is Joonil Park, with how to get your motorcycle license. Now rules and regulations vary depending on state and even country, on getting your motorcycle endorsement. Here in New York State the test is a two part program. Once you get your motorcycle permit with a quick multiple choice knowledge test at a Department of Motor Vehicles office, you can set up an appointment for a motorcycle skill exam, which involves two parts.

One, is demonstrating control during slow speed maneuvers. You will do slow speed circles and figure eight maneuvers. The second part is a road test. Much like a car licensing test, you are observed riding around in the street, observing right of way, traffic signals, laws and regulations and demonstrating overall control of your motorcycle.

Every state varies. Refer to your local state's Department of Motor Vehicles for your state's process on how to get your motorcycle endorsement. There is always a basic rider course or new rider program in your home state. Refer to Motorcycle Safety Foundation's web site, to find the training site closest to you.

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