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How to Ride a Motorcycle with Joonil Park

Learn about professional motorcycle instructor Joonil Park, one of Howcast's motorcycle experts, in this video.


Hi, guys. My name is Joonil Park and I am the motorcycle expert for

I've been a motorcycle instructor in New York seven years. I also work as a product specialist for Ducati Triumph New York in Manhattan. I have worked as a motorcycle journalist, as a motorcycle courier, as well as escort. I have worked in several different fields in the motorcycle industry and I am happy to be here to give you some pointers on how to ride a motorcycle safely, and how to be an excellent motorcyclist. Growing up in New York, it's a little touch to get into motorcycling at an early age.

When I did strike out on my own essentially the flood gates opened. I immersed myself in everything in motorcycling. Kind of jumped in with both feet. I've done everything from long distance motorcycle touring, track riding on road race motorcycles, dirt biking, enduro, ridden overseas in southeast Asia and Europe. I love being on a bike. It gives you the freedom to be independent. In Manhattan for example, I can be anywhere I need to be in 10, 15 minutes. All my buds when they call out to come out at night I don't really need to prepare I can be there in 15-20 minutes, don't have to worry about parking.

And as far as traveling I believe seeing a new country by motorcycle is hands down the best experience possible. When learning to ride it is really important that you do it the right way, as with any new venture. Rock climbing or sky diving are things you would not try to learn yourself. I work for motorcycle safety school here in New York City. You can contact them at And when you're ready you can come see me at Ducati Triumph New York here in Soho, Manhattan.

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