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How to Have Proper Sprinting Posture

Learn how to have proper sprinting posture from sprinting coach Shane Paul Neil in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Shane Paul Neil from Seacoast Multisport, and today I'm going to be talking to you about sprinting posture. Posture is very important for sprinters because it can very much affect their efficiency.

The incorrect posture can result in your using more energy than necessary, and result in you just losing your race. Everybody's sprinting posture is going to be a little bit different, depending on their body types, their size, and their generally posture day to day. In everyday life we're taught that you want to be able to be as straight as possible, from head to toe. Sprinting is a little bit different. With sprinting and running in general, you want to have a slight forward lean, to what degree it may vary.

A lot of people look back to Michael Johnson, who's one of the world's greatest sprinters, who had a very up and down posture which is unusual for him, but it worked, so there isn't exactly a right or wrong answer, but there are a couple things you want to be aware of. If you're sprinting and your chin is elevated beyond the point of being level, and you're almost leaning back, that's going to work against you because you're actually forcing your body to come forward. Leaning too far forward can affect your balance and actually have you stumbling more than sprinting.

Finding a posture that's comfortable for you, it may take some practice to get maximum efficiency, but just know that it will be a little bit more uncomfortable before it becomes natural to you. And that's proper posture for sprinters.

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