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Competition Sprinting Rules

Learn the rules of competition sprinting from sprinting coach Shane Paul Neil in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Shane Paul Neil from City Coach Multisport, and today I'm going to be talking about the rules of competitive sprinting. The good thing about sprinting is that, the rules are very straight forward and very basic, starting with the false start rule.

Generally speaking, depending on the meet that you go to, you're allowed 1 false start, rules have changed over the years where it doesn't allow you any false starts, if you false start once, then you're disqualified from the race. Make sure you are starting your race after the officials gun sounds.

For sprinters, with the exception of relay's, you're to stay in your lane at all times, 1 foot strike outside of your lane can get you disqualified as well. While this should be obvious, sprinting is a non-contact sport, touching, or interfering with another runner in any way, shape, or form can result in your disqualification as well. Those are the basic rules of competitive sprinting.

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