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How to Train for a 200-Meter Dash

Learn how to train for a 200-meter dash from sprinting coach Shane Paul Neil in this Howcast video.


Hi my name is Shane Paul Neil from City Coach Multisport, and I'll be discussing how to train for the 200 meter dash. The 200 meter dash is an interesting race in that it requires all the explosiveness and speed of the 100 as well as the aerobic fitness of the 400. The 200 meter dash involves one turn and one straightaway.

Training to run turns is extremely important for the 200 meters for a couple reasons. One, you have to learn how to run with a left lean. Running with a lean is going to be very important because as you come off the turn, you're going to experience a lot of centripetal force, which will want to push you outside of you lane. Learning how to run on the inside of your lane on the curve and manage those forces, and actually be able to use them to your advantage is very important in order to becoming a proficient 200 meter sprinter. Much like the 100, the start is very, very crucial.

While the race is twice as long as the 100, it's not long enough to where you can neglect your start. Making sure you have a quick reaction to the gun while coming out of the blocks, as well as having proper form and building up speed while in the turn is very, very crucial. While coming off the straightaway for a 200, generally speaking you are not getting faster but in fact you're getting slower. Learning to maintain your top end speed longer than your rivals is what will get you to the finish line first. Practicing over distance, going up as high as 250 to 300 meters in your training will be very, very key in terms of maintaining your speed coming through the end of the race, as well as shorter distances such as the 110 to 150 meters to work on that explosiveness and speed.

And that's how you train for a 200 meter dash.

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