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3 Best Tips for Running a 400-Meter Dash

Learn the three best tips for running a 400-meter dash from sprinting coach Shane Paul Neil in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Shane Paul Neil with City Coach Multisport, and today I'll be talking about 3 tips to make you a better 400 meter runner. My first tip is that training for the 400 begins before you even step on the track, especially in the off season.

The 400 meter dash is one of the most grueling sprints that you'll ever experience. Going on longer runs in the off season, of multiple miles, will help build up your cardiovascular before any time you step on the track. My second tip is to focus on your running form. Because of the length of the 400 meters, it's very easy for your form to break down as you fatigue. Drilling, and drilling proper technique, will help ensure that even as you're becoming more tired, your form stays the same. My final tip is to focus on your upper body strength. While the upper body is not thought about very much during sprinting, it is extremely important in the 400 meter dash.

When you're coming down the straightaway to the finish, it's your upper body that will help propel your legs forward. Your ability to pump your arms quicker than your competition will help your legs move faster, and you'll get to the finish line faster overall. Those are my three tips to a faster 400 meter dash.

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