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How to Sprint with Shane Paul Neil

Learn about sprinting coach Shane Paul Neil, one of Howcast's sprinting experts, in this video.


Hi my name is Shane Paul Neil, I'm assistant coach at City Coach Multisport. City Coach works with a variety of athletes ranging from sprinters all the way to triathlons, marathons, and swimmers.

I've been with City Coach since roughly 2002 when the company first formed, my dear friend John that came was a head trainer for a New York police department and decided to strike out on the zone. We start out with a couple of coaches, and getting folks into just running basic 5k's and getting out of the park in general. Since then we've expanded from working with just novice athletes all the way, way up to elite level athletes including world champions and others. Track and Field in general and sprinting in particular have been a long standing passion of mine, I began sprinting around the age of 15 which is actually very late for the average sprinter. 1 of the reasons that I love running is that it's the most basic sport that exists, every other sport starts with running.

Also the fact that everything comes from running is quantifiable, you know exactly how far you've progressed, you know exactly what you've achieved with every foot step. I've been coaching runners for roughly 15 years, starting with young school aged children and worked my way up to lead level athletes. Whether they be sprinters, distance runners, or anything in between my main focus is introducing speed and technique for runners to give them proper form and help their times overall.

If you like to find out more about what we do at City Coach, please visit us at or if you have a direct question feel free to email me at And now I'm gonna teach you everything you need to know about sprinting.

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