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How to Play a Bass Sound on Djembe

Learn how to play a bass sound on djembe from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Now we will show you how to play the bass sound on the djembe drum. The most important thing when playing the bass is you have to tilt your drum. If my drum is flat, the sound doesn't come out. How does yours sound?

Speaker 2: My sounds good because of the drum I already have mine positioned.

Speaker 1: Right. He has the position of the djembe tilted away from him. If you tilt your drum toward you, you're going to hurt your wrist. We like to tilt the drum away that way the music projects to the audience as well. What I do is I just relax my hand. I move from the elbow, and I lift off the drum. Like this. Everyone's technique is a little differently.

Speaker 2: My elbow is already there, but my technique is a little different because djembe sooner hit in the middle. My technique is coming out. My technique, his technique is different. Look at djembe this way. Me. My.

Speaker 1: The bass sound on the djembe is the most fundamental, easiest sound to make. You're just playing in the center of the drum to let the drum resonate. That's how you make the bass djembe sound.

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