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Djembe Drumming Patterns for Beginners

Learn djembe drumming patterns for beginners from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


We wanna show you some good patterns there are for beginners, for the djembe drums, from West Africa.

For me, my favorite one is to play 3 tones and 5 slaps, but instead of playing them straight I'm gonna swing the rhythm and this is gonna help me learn the feeling of the West Africa music as well as change my technique from the tone to the slap. I play 3 tones, then I play 5 slaps. Tone, slap. An then I put it together and I let it breath. Helps me keep time and helps me feel the swing of the West Africa music. When I'm comfortable I can go faster. I can play faster. Even faster. That's my favorite hand pattern.

So my, I have a different one, different idea. How to help you very begging, how to do the thing you get it. So my, I can start with the tone, then I can go the slap, then I can go to bass. So if I do all that together, I can do, then I go to slap, then one bass. If I want to go slow, if a want to go a little more faster I can go. If I want to go fast. This is it, djembe power for the beginners.

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