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Beginner Djembe Drum Solos

Learn a few good djembe drum solos for beginners from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Okay, we want to give you some basic djembe solo ideas. Maybe you're new to improvising and you don't know exactly, how do I play the improvised solo? Bemba is going to play the solo. I'm going to play the basic accompaniment to keep the time. His idea is first to just isolate the sounds. He's going to play a simple rhythm on just slaps, the same rhythm on just the one, and the same rhythm on just the bass. That way you don't have to think too much. You have a rhythmic idea, you play on the slap, then the tone, then the bass.

That's good. Can you explain that phrase?

Speaker 2: Yeah. That phrase, I start with just a slap, then I go to a tone, then I go with the bass. That's how you're going to put it together to make the phrase speak, because to speak you have to know how to make the slap, tone, and bass. That's how you make the variations.

Speaker 1: Play that one for us.

Speaker 2: That's number one, the slap. Then the second one is going to tone. Then a bass. If I put those three together, I just do dagga-dagga-da. If I repeat, I go faster and I go.

Speaker 1: Let's put that again so you can see it now with the accompaniment.

Those are some basic solo ideas for the djembe.

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