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Advanced Djembe Drum Solos

Learn a few good djembe drum solos for advanced players from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Here is another idea for an intermediate or advanced solo idea to play it on the djembe with the accompaniment. I'm gonna play a basic djembe accompaniment and master drummer Mbemba Bengora it's gonna play a little bit more of a complicated idea so that you can learn how to play over the music. That's sounds kind of hard, can you explain that?

Speaker 2: Yes, it's hard, but is a little different because this one you go with a tone, tone, slap, tone. You go back with tone, tone, slap, tone, then it's slap, tone, slap, tone, slap, tone, slap, tone, slap.

Speaker 1: Show me how that goes.

So here's the beat. One more. That's excellent. Now we're gonna go a little bit faster, this way you can get some really good exercise on the djembe. Here we go. Same phrase. And that's an intermediate to advanced solo phrase for the djembe.

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