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How to Play the Djembe Kuku Rhythms Combined

Learn how to play the djembe kuku rhythms combined from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


Q: We're going to show you the two accompaniment, first and second accompaniment, for kuku with the break. Bimba's going to play the first part. I'm going to play the second part. His drum is higher pitched. My drum is lower pitched. We go from the break so we can put the rhythm together slowly.

You'll notice when he gives the break I keep going all the way to the end of the count. So now let's try it again a little faster.

Excellent. How do you play it in your country? You play fast?

Bimba: I guess it depend on how we play. Sometime you can play fast. Sometime you can play slow. You don't have to everything have to be fast. Some have to be fast, some don't have to be fast.

Q: Let's try it fast and see what that sounds like.

Bimba: Yeah.

Q: That's pretty nice.

Bimba: Yeah.

Q: That is the two accompaniments for the rhythm we call kuku.

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