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How to Play the Djembe Kuku Break

Learn how to play the djembe kuku break from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


So, the bright and cuckoo go all tom. So, this is the first, the bright. I'm go very slowly. This is the first one.

So, this is a very slow. So, if I want to go to medium, I'm just going to go a little more fast. Then I go. . .

Now, if you want to go fast, fast, I'm just going to go. . .

No. Now, to start to play cuckoo. Soon I start to give that break, all musicians know we are going to start to play cuckoo. So, soon as I start the break, the way I start, that's the way everybody is going to come in to start the music.

Now, it's the same break make it to start the music is the same break make it to stop. So, this is the break again. . .

Then we start.

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