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How to Play 2 Djembe Drums Together

Learn how to play two djembe drums together from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


This is two djembe played together. It's like this. Sometimes we play two djembe together to make a better sound. You've got a djembe base. I've got the solo djembe. If I play this one, I don't have to put, I'm just going to put my knees, but If I play this, I have to put my belt to hold two djembe. That's when the djembe has to down. That's why I'm doing the technique like this. This is a better technique to hold the two djembe together.

If you want to get a sometimes we'll play this if you have a band. If it's an orchestra, like a different instrument, like a with a guitar, because sometimes we have to use it like this to make the sound better. That's how we will play. Like this.

I'm going to put two djembe together now. This is how we will play the two djembe together.

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