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Djembe vs. Conga

Learn the difference between a djembe and a conga from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: This is the difference between the conga and the djembe. If you look closely, you see the conga is a little taller, djembe in this time is a little shorter. The tension on the skin is achieved by the pulling with these metal rods. The djembe is with a rope. Okay? The bass that comes out of this small bottom is played here. Your bass? My tone is played here.

Speaker 2: My tone is right here.

Speaker 1: My slap has an advance from the tone area to the slap area like this. More center.

Speaker 2: So my slap doesn't go in the center. My slap stays into the drum. My slap is like this.

Speaker 1:Wow. I hope everybody caught that. We're going to play a little bit for you to show you the color and sound of this wonderful instrument playing with another wonderful instrument. The conga and the djembe. Now you've heard the difference in sound, but there's really not that many differences. You can appreciate the differences in both instruments, the conga and the djembe.

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