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How to Play a Muted Tone on the Conga

Learn how to play a muted tone on the conga from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


I'm gonna show you how to play a mute or a muffled tone on the conga. It is different from the open tone because your actually stopping the sound but just enough so that the drum still has a great sound, watch. I'm gonna play an open tone first like this.

And now I'm gonna play a muted tone.

You can hear it, there's also a little change in the pitch. Listen,


And muted. So,




Mute. I'm gonna play a series of both the muted and the open tone and you'll hear the difference OK. Again, your positioning is the same as the open tone but you want to pay attention to pointing this part of your hand in the same area on the skin first, like this.

Open tone.

Muted tone. So now I'll play a little bit and you'll listen, you'll hear the difference.

Okay. Did you like that? That is how you play the muted tone on the conga.

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