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What Is a Dundun?

Learn about the dundun from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


Man 1: This is an overview of the Dundun. The Dundun family, there's three drums. They come from Guinea, West Africa, and they're made of white wood, which is called Melina wood, cow skin, rope. Sometimes you can have rings to hold the skin, and sometimes they just sew it on. And then we have a bell. And each person has one stick and one bell.

Man 2: So the big one that's what we call a Dundun. The middle one I have we call a Sangban. Then next to me that's Kenkeni. So this instrument we play for a celebration for happy, for the hunter, for the wedding. We play many different locations to play with this instrument. So it comes from a Malinke ethnic group. So this is how we would play.

Man 1: That's an overview for the Dundun, Sangban and Kenkeni

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