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How to Play the Sangba Kuku Rhythm

Learn how to play the sangba kuku rhythm from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


This is how to play the sandba part. People have a very different way how to hold the bell. Some people put the bell on the left side. Some people put the on the right side. My technique, my bell is in my left. Also, the way I hold the stick, I hold the stick my right side. This is how I make my technique to play the rikken kuku. The first thing I do is go together with the bell and the stick together. This is how come in.

Now I'm going to start very slowly. The first thing now how to hold the stick and how the stick going to go with the technique. So my technique is like this.

The technique of the bell, my technique of the bell go like this one.

It's two different techniques. Some of the technique you see me with the bell together with the stick with the music.

I'm going to put all together.

That's how to play the sandba pah with Rikken Kuku.

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