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What Is a Log Drum?

Learn what a log drum is from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


Man 1: This is an overview of the Log Drum or sometimes called the Krin. This instrument is played with three people, each person has their own. And this comes from the forest region of Guinea West Africa where Bamba's from.

Bemba: Yeah man.

Man 1: It's made out of white wood that's called the Malina wood. And they're hollowed out by hand and each slat is tuned to a different note. So mines sounds different than Bemba's, sounds different than Hasan's. See this one?

Hey. I'll get it. I'll keep practicing. And each one has a different tone and they fit together to make the melody, just like any drums. Congas or Djembes or Dununs there's a set of three and the music is made like that usually they have one soloist which is obviously is Bemba. You can hear these were made to played outside, as they carry a far, far distance.

And this is the overview of the Log drum.

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